Hutton and Lazaro

28 January

The month or so I was going to be away from my website has turned into several months - principally because I have been writing a book. But there are two reasons why it now seems a good time to resume. One is the publication of Lord Hutton's deeply unsatisfactory report. The other is the handing down of a criminal appeal court judgment in a case involving the evidence of Dr Camille San Lazaro. More on both of these topics will appear in the next few days.

(For Lord Hutton's summary of his findings, click here. The Hutton website also contains the full text of the report. For the appeal court judgment in the case of R v Kevin John Brown, click hereIt is a fascinating judgment which reads like a short story. For the response of the Newcastle Chronicle - which not so long ago was standing four square with Dr Lazaro and leading the witch-hunt against Dawn Reed and Chris Lillie, click here and here.)

Sorry I've been away so long.

(In my apparent absence from this website, I have in fact added one or two new pages. One of these, which has already attracted over 1,000 hits this month alone, is actually in Portuguese.  For the updated English version of an extremely disturbing story which is now tearing Portuguese society apart, click here. For the English version of the website of the Portuguese investigative journalist Jorge Van Krieken, click here.)

Wednesday, 28 January  2004

Richard Webster, 2004


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